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Lui……that is a jepic idea…..just told boys they love it.

6:18pm Aug 28 2012 —

RT @JedmanyBB: @MommaJedward Would be so amazing if every fan get one and wear it so you always see who’s a Jedward fan 🙂

6:16pm Aug 28 2012 —

RT @Jedine_IRL: @MommaJedward I had the best summer ever this year on tour, it was Amazing, cant wait for Castlebar again in November. J …

6:12pm Aug 28 2012 —

RT @SophieAndAmber: @MommaJedward travelling to Ireland to see the boys in concert was so worth it! WE HAD THE BEST TIME OF OUR LIVES! # …

6:08pm Aug 28 2012 —

Jedward official Jedpower wristbands are only available on

6:03pm Aug 28 2012 —

Lets get #jedpowerwristbands tweeting

5:29pm Aug 28 2012 —

Boys enjoyed extra factor…..hope you got to see them on Sat.18th and Sat.25th Aug.

5:19pm Aug 28 2012 —

The fans who have got their jedpower bands…..please tweet me…and perhaps a picture…willl show to boys.

5:14pm Aug 28 2012 —

RT @Janina_Jedhead: @MommaJedward these bands are JEPIC =:) =:) love them so much! one of the best ideas ever 🙂 your twins are clever x …

5:10pm Aug 28 2012 —


5:09pm Aug 28 2012 —

August 23rd……Limerick…..last concert…..could feel the love!

5:08pm Aug 28 2012 —

August 22nd Derry… the accents….as always a very warm welcome.

5:06pm Aug 28 2012 —

August….boys went to Premier in London….nearly an hour on the red carpet.

5:04pm Aug 28 2012 —

17th August……Tralee Festival……wow….thousands of fans…..Brillant!

5:02pm Aug 28 2012 —

Jedward……. Official Jedpower wristbands for sale on

4:59pm Aug 28 2012 —

16th August……Mullingar…..super dancing ……by fans!

4:58pm Aug 28 2012 —

15th August….TLT Drogheda…everyone in great form.

4:56pm Aug 28 2012 —

14th August..Wexford Opera House…beautiful city

4:49pm Aug 28 2012 —

13th August….. Young Love Tour at An Bord Gais theatre formerly known as Grand Canal Theatre…Awesome night.

4:47pm Aug 28 2012 —

RT @tamaragrimesxxx: @MommaJedward we don’t believe anything about the paper say don’t worry about it 🙂

4:44pm Aug 28 2012 —

RT @Go_withthe_Floh: @MommaJedward Fans do not believe trash articles in trash tabloids. All designed to sell crappolla — We know. x

4:44pm Aug 28 2012 —

There is an old saying…..Paper never refuses ink…….thats true!

4:07pm Aug 28 2012 —

I have been quite upset by the article printed on the 19th August……..

4:06pm Aug 28 2012 —

I have not been on my twitter for awhile……

4:05pm Aug 28 2012 —

Hi everyone……

4:04pm Aug 28 2012 —

Jedpower wristbands are ONLY AVAILABLE on, they have been designed by boys……

1:54pm Aug 13 2012 —

I have passed on all of your good for wishes and kisses to the boys for tonight…they are doing somersaults in the kitchen…dangerous…

1:25pm Aug 13 2012 —

Should Jedward wear their hair up or down tonight??????

1:21pm Aug 13 2012 —

RT @ElinGunnarsson: @MommaJedward I’m going to buy Jedpower bands =:)

1:19pm Aug 13 2012 —

RT @JedwardSabrina: @MommaJedward LOOK I ORDERED A JEDPOWER BAND ;D

1:17pm Aug 13 2012 —