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RT @Xamyjedward26XX: @MommaJedward so excited its been so long,love their gigs,they are so much fun,hope to see you there 😀

4:27pm Oct 30 2012 —

Do not miss Jedwards concert at The Royal Theatre, Castlebar, Mayo, this Friday 2nd November.Limited tickets available..see you there….

4:24pm Oct 30 2012 —

Went to see Best of Eurovision Ireland winners show , last night in Dublin…… was fantastic…….

1:44pm Oct 12 2012 —

Best Of Eurovision Ireland Winners show is coming to the Waterfront, Belfast, TONIGHT…….TICKETS on sale at Waterfront Box office.

1:41pm Oct 12 2012 —

I think you will like the look in Luminous… could start a trend in fashion circles

4:06pm Oct 1 2012 —

In Luminous……. the boys have gone for a different look……..quite mystical.

4:02pm Oct 1 2012 —

Luminous video is here…….. hope you all like it when it is released later this month.

3:56pm Oct 1 2012 —

RT @MrsMaddieGrimes: @MommaJedward wearing my Friday band on a Monday because I’m amazing

3:53pm Oct 1 2012 —

Boys are in Cheddar in Somerset tomorrow……beautiful area

3:53pm Oct 1 2012 —

Jedward official Jedpower wristbands are available on

3:50pm Oct 1 2012 —

Alot of fans have told me that they would love to receive Jedpower bands as gifts……well Christmas is coming.

3:46pm Oct 1 2012 —

The Jedward official Jedpower wrist bands are a must-have……..

3:45pm Oct 1 2012 —

RT @Janina_Jedhead: @MommaJedward i love the JEDPOWER bands sooo much ♥ bless your boys ♥

3:43pm Oct 1 2012 —

RT @Kirluvjed: @MommaJedward Hi Susannah.Can’t wait 4 der new single Luminous 2 come out.Seriously gr8 song dat deserves top spot in de …

3:41pm Oct 1 2012 —

RT @Jedicatedmollyx: @MommaJedward OMG they Played Luminous on BBCR1 Yesterday cos 25,000 Jedheads requested it! How Jepic is that? =:D

3:39pm Oct 1 2012 —

Hope you got to see the fab photos of the boys at MILAN FASHION WEEK….

3:38pm Oct 1 2012 —

Fantastic night in Newry….. 6,000 people…Wow

3:36pm Oct 1 2012 —

Boys are now back in England……..still filming for Jedwards Big Adventure…….

3:35pm Oct 1 2012 —

For the last two weeks …… boys working in England….. everyone has been so good to them over there.

3:29pm Oct 1 2012 —

Three weeks ago…. boys spent a week working on OMG….. it is going to be great.

3:28pm Oct 1 2012 —

Boys have been very busy doing TV work.

3:24pm Oct 1 2012 —

Lots of things have been happening since I last twitted.

3:24pm Oct 1 2012 —

HI, every one.

3:23pm Oct 1 2012 —