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EVERYONE can fall asleep to the boys YOUNG LOVE ALBUM……Dream, dream and dream…….zzzzzzz

11:19pm Nov 8 2012 —

Good night to all the JEDWARD FAMILY …..all around the WORLD

11:14pm Nov 8 2012 —

The PANTO rehearsals started last week……

10:52pm Nov 8 2012 —

RT @JedRockers: @MommaJedward We can’t wait for panto! 3rd year running seeing the boys at the Olympia on New Years Eve! We are so JEDEX …

10:50pm Nov 8 2012 —


10:49pm Nov 8 2012 —

RT @LuminousCassie: @MommaJedward John and edward are getting more famous day by day 🙂 jump on the jedbus before its too late

10:42pm Nov 8 2012 —

RT @LisaHafey: @MommaJedward Seriously cool that they were invited there!

10:38pm Nov 8 2012 —

RT @crazyjedwardx: @MommaJedward Hope they don’t get lost in New York city just like Kevin Mccallister did in Home Alone. Hope their bot …

10:35pm Nov 8 2012 —

RT @JedEuro_Spain: @MommaJedward Did you know that Luminous was played on Tuesday in 1 of the most important radio shows in Spain? 🙂

10:34pm Nov 8 2012 —

John and Edward love BIG BANGS music…….so as you can imagine, they are JEDEXCITED today!

10:33pm Nov 8 2012 —

RT @Kirluvjed: @MommaJedward I really hope John and Edward get 2 perform a gig in de US soon.Dat wud b amaZin =:))))

10:27pm Nov 8 2012 —

RT @kerrycupcake: @MommaJedward they should go to M&M’s world in Times Square and make a JedwardTV video :’) I’m obsessed!!!!

10:27pm Nov 8 2012 —

RT @melli_b87: @MommaJedward I’m so excited for John and Edward, I hope they’re having a good time in NYC and will be safe from the weather!

10:22pm Nov 8 2012 —

THE BOYS were invited over to NEW YORK by an ASIAN BAND…….They met them, when they went to TOKYO earlier this year…..

10:17pm Nov 8 2012 —

The boys are in the Big Apple…….

10:11pm Nov 8 2012 —

RT @xHannah_Grimesx: @MommaJedward every time you or you sexy sons tweet i get a text on my phone so i never miss a tweet, i just though …

5:59pm Nov 8 2012 —

The boys will be perform at the Cinemagic….

5:58pm Nov 8 2012 —

The Boys will be attending the Cinemagic Awards in Belfast on 29th November

5:41pm Nov 8 2012 —

Fans have made me aware of a site advertising that Jedward was appearing at one of their events…………this is not happening.

5:35pm Nov 8 2012 —

When the boys are APPEARING in ENGLAND….. you will hear it first on THEIR TWITTER…..

5:31pm Nov 8 2012 —

Hope everyone falls asleep tonight listening to John and Edwards cover of Little things

12:00am Nov 7 2012 —

Edward and John will be at the Wax Museum on Tuesday 27th November………..

11:57pm Nov 6 2012 —

RT @B3XYL: @MommaJedward loads of non-fans are loving the boys’ covers 🙂 and luminous is going down well too… So happy xxx

11:50pm Nov 6 2012 —

RT @Jedine_IRL: @MommaJedward I’m only going for John and Edward xx

11:48pm Nov 6 2012 —

RT @1001ships: @MommaJedward just been booking my flights for the Childline concert, Dublin’s starting to feel like a second home to me!!

11:48pm Nov 6 2012 —

On Tuesday the 27th November at 11am the Wax Museum in Dublin is unveiling…………………JEDWARD

11:46pm Nov 6 2012 —

The Cheerios concert is always a great night …… with various groups appearing

11:44pm Nov 6 2012 —

The boys are excited about the the Cheerios Concert in the 02…….. they are ambassadors for the ISPCC

11:42pm Nov 6 2012 —

RT @Xamyjedward26XX: @MommaJedward #jedwardForever they’re so talented,a lot more people are starting to realize this too,yay,about time …

11:39pm Nov 6 2012 —

RT @chelshollywoodx: I feel like a new person with my jedpower band on, I feel fresh as a daisy. xoxoxoxo @MommaJedward

11:38pm Nov 6 2012 —