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OK …… it is tumblr….I will not make that mistake again.

6:38pm May 31 2013 —

Had to delete last tweet….. it linked on to a site that was NOT JEDWARD TWEETS

6:36pm May 31 2013 —

RT @JedwardLove: @MommaJedward I’ve made a kind of archive of the twins tweets back from 2009 it’s fun looking back …

6:27pm May 31 2013 —

6:20pm May 31 2013 —

So proud of this article, please read….however boys have not made 4th Album… we still have six months left in 2013

6:19pm May 31 2013 —

RT @worldmeetsgirl: @MommaJedward Check out this awesome article @LisaHafey wrote for Popwrapped about the UK tour!…

6:16pm May 31 2013 —

RT @crazyjedwardx: @MommaJedward The Boys won “Golden Xpress Penguin” for Austrian Magazine & it was @Xpressmagazin who tweeted about it. =…

6:12pm May 31 2013 —

RT @worldmeetsgirl: @MommaJedward I’ve been sending my comic to people so they can see what cool things John and Edward have been up to. ht…

6:11pm May 31 2013 —

RT @katieheartsjed: @MommaJedward heres a picture from when we promoted the twins few years ago! we will be doing it again this year 🙂 htt…

6:10pm May 31 2013 —

Where is the link to this Austrian Magazine??????????

6:06pm May 31 2013 —

RT @ScarledRed_P: @MommaJedward The boys won the prize for “Best Band” in Austrian Magazine Xpress <3

6:05pm May 31 2013 —

RT @Jedicatedmollyx: @MommaJedward I’ve made this promo poster for the UK tour! Hope its okay =:D

6:01pm May 31 2013 —

Fabulous Poster…….for Uk Tour 2013

6:00pm May 31 2013 —

RT @Jedicatedmollyx: @MommaJedward Cannot wait for the tour I made this poster with the dates on=:)

5:59pm May 31 2013 —

RT @JaninaX125: “@MucTechnoGirlz: @MommaJedward your boys should come to the BRAVO office here in MUNICH again”

5:57pm May 31 2013 —

RT @ImDanyHero: @MommaJedward Germany loves John and Edward<3

5:55pm May 31 2013 —

I need to be kept updated on things JEDWARD…..

5:52pm May 31 2013 —

RT @LeaJeddybear: @MommaJedward THIS IS SO OLD ALREADY but finally you saw it xx

5:52pm May 31 2013 —

In 2012 Jedward got the highest votes in the British Yahoo Poll for Best Boy Band

5:51pm May 31 2013 —

Fantastic news….JEDWARD came third in the German Bravo otto awards

5:49pm May 31 2013 —

RT @roadrunner1904: @MommaJedward did u know that JEDWARD came 3rd in the German BRAVO OTTO AWARDS in category “Super-Band-Pop” ??? =:) htt…

5:47pm May 31 2013 —

RT @Chelsey_Jedward: @MommaJedward ofcourse! I am coming from Scotland, and I am actually Learning to drive so I can get to the UK venues! …

5:46pm May 31 2013 —

RT @SmilejedfanG: @MommaJedward i will see you on the cardiff date. can’t wait to see you there

5:44pm May 31 2013 —

Of course, hoping that many people will make their way to LIMERICK ,for Saturday 27th July

5:40pm May 31 2013 —

RT @JedheadForever1: @MommaJedward Haven’t seen the twins in a while, Cork should be great, coming all the way from Switzerland!!:)) x 🙂

5:38pm May 31 2013 —…
Voting is once a day

5:37pm May 31 2013 —

RT @LisaHafey: @MommaJedward you can vote once every day and if would be really cool if John and Edward won!

5:36pm May 31 2013 —

RT @JedJulie: @MommaJedward The Leicester Date is on my 21st Birthday and I will be coming all the Way from Germany 🙂

5:32pm May 31 2013 —

More voting

5:31pm May 31 2013 —

RT @Chelsey_Jedward: @MommaJedward fans can vote for what’s your number by using any 7 digits as the code, its numbe…

5:30pm May 31 2013 —