Tweet Archive for July 2013

RT @TaraReid: @planetjedward i heard you rocked your shows this weekend! #soproudofyou

10:45pm Jul 28 2013 —

John and Edward had a fantastic time on stage ……as always

7:36pm Jul 28 2013 —

A BIG BiG Thank you for all of your support for John and Edward

7:34pm Jul 28 2013 —

All the fans rocked CORK and Limerick……Wow oh Wow

7:30pm Jul 28 2013 —

RT @Independent_ie: Meet the artist formerly known as Jedward – we’re just John and Edward now @planetjedward

9:35am Jul 26 2013 —

On Tuesday night they gave a mini concert for their granny she loved it

1:54pm Jul 25 2013 —

As a treat for fans they are including some covers

1:49pm Jul 25 2013 —

Boys have been busy rehearsing this week for concerts

1:48pm Jul 25 2013 —

Getting Outfits Ready for John and Edward for Concerts this Weekend Have you any favourite outfits you like to see them wear????

1:47pm Jul 25 2013 —

Turn on @ChartShowTV Now! They have a Jedward Music Video Show!

6:03pm Jul 23 2013 —

John and Edward cannot wait to get back stage after all their promotion work over the last few months

9:25pm Jul 22 2013 —

A lot of fans have asked will the boys be doing some covers……..I think they are going to do one or two on Friday and Saturday

9:14pm Jul 22 2013 —

Many Thanks to Everyone who is a Jedward Fan

9:12pm Jul 22 2013 —

@ItsTheGrimes…..this twitter is a fake account……it is not Edward and John…

7:41pm Jul 19 2013 —

We are going to visit live 95fm in limerick today at 1:00pm

6:54am Jul 18 2013 —

John and Edward are looking forward to their concerts in Cork 26th July and Limerick 27th July…..

8:16pm Jul 15 2013 —

Edward and John are chilling out in the back garden,with sun cream on them, they look like snowmen

3:31pm Jul 9 2013 —

Let all jedward fans smile together and the smile will stretch across the world

3:28pm Jul 9 2013 —

It’s a bright sunny day here in Dublin wishing you all a bright happy day

3:27pm Jul 9 2013 —

Jedward are doing a google hangout with @THEBEAT999FM in Nigeria, tonight at 10pm

8:00pm Jul 4 2013 —

Big shout out to all Jedward’s Nigerian Fans

7:56pm Jul 4 2013 —