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To all the Jedward fans,who are doing great work on You Tube, ignore the imposter who is telling them to close their You Tube accounts.

8:50am Mar 11 2014 —

I have been alerted by a fan, that someone is posing as part of Jedward management, and advising her to close her You Tube account. FAKE!

8:43am Mar 11 2014 —

RT @Katharine_T: @MommaJedward really hope we get to hear some Jedward songs soon, waited such a long time for it to finally happen!

1:00pm Mar 6 2014 —

“You can’t stay in your corner of the Forest waiting for others to come to you. You have to go to them sometimes.” A.A. Milne

12:53pm Mar 6 2014 —

“A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.” ― Elbert Hubbard

12:48pm Mar 6 2014 —

RT @DebbiesDuck: @MommaJedward @planetjedward @olympiatheatre Flying over from the UK because JEDWARD are always special live on stage !

12:39pm Mar 6 2014 —

RT @Sabi288: @MommaJedward Can’t wait to come over from Germany again with my girls! Going to be fun spending easter in Dublin ✌️

12:38pm Mar 6 2014 —

RT @imcalledvanessa: @MommaJedward @planetjedward are creative, different and energetic and that’s one of the many reasons why they’re so g…

12:38pm Mar 6 2014 —

RT @JEDWARDEUROPEDK: @MommaJedward @planetjedward @olympiatheatre can’t wait! Flying over from Denmark. It’s gonna be amazing! 🙂

12:37pm Mar 6 2014 —

RT @Usayfreak: @MommaJedward @planetjedward @olympiatheatre Even more excited about the concert and the new music now- it’s gonna be very s…

12:35pm Mar 6 2014 —

RT @Maelle1505: @MommaJedward @planetjedward @olympiatheatre flying from belgium just for them ♡

12:35pm Mar 6 2014 —

RT @JGEGTSWIZZLE13: @MommaJedward Easter Sunday, Is Gonna Be a Jepic One!

12:34pm Mar 6 2014 —

RT @PatriciaAdelaid: @MommaJedward We all have our tickets it is going to be amazing I can’t wait! #newsongs

12:34pm Mar 6 2014 —

RT @staceyxxjedward: @MommaJedward @planetjedward @olympiatheatre very excited! flying over from the uk for it! EXCITED! xx

12:33pm Mar 6 2014 —

Jedward (@planetjedward) play a special live show at the @olympiatheatre on Sun 20 April. Ticketmaster

12:31pm Mar 6 2014 —

RT @AmyGrimesSuxx: @MommaJedward the boys are so talented, we love them so much and won’t stop until they are on top❤

12:27pm Mar 6 2014 —

RT @LisaHafey: @MommaJedward people are going to sit up and think “OMG Jedward are amazing” and we’ll be like, “we know, but welcome on boa…

12:26pm Mar 6 2014 —

RT @Sabi288: @MommaJedward They are going to win much more this year! This is just the start 😊

12:25pm Mar 6 2014 —

RT @xMaraGx: @MommaJedward yeah we also vote them almost every week onto the #Tweetclip Chart from VIVA Germany. This week they were #4 wit…

12:23pm Mar 6 2014 —

RT @roadrunner1904: @MommaJedward yayyy – they’re born to win! =:)

12:22pm Mar 6 2014 —

Jedward came 1st in “BEST ONLINE PRESENCE” Celebritain Music Awards 2014
Big Thank you to all Jedward fans.

12:17pm Mar 6 2014 —