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8:31pm Dec 15 2014 —

RT @Maelle1505: @MommaJedward Today was so cool, than you so much for doing this 🙂

8:30pm Dec 15 2014 —

RT @Ellenrose42: @planetjedward aren’t we fab?😎

8:15pm Dec 15 2014 —

RT @Bronanski: @planetjedward Thanks for today, it was so much fun 😄 See ya tomorrow!

8:14pm Dec 15 2014 —

RT @nobuta7: Just been 2 best ever concert by @planetjedward. 100% worth flying 2 Dublin+ 2hr drive 2 middle of nowhere. Awesome!! http://t…

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8:03pm Dec 15 2014 —

RT @Sabi288: The package We got today is the best ever! Loving the christmas cards & the pen @planetjedward ☺️

8:02pm Dec 15 2014 —

RT @Sabi288: I’m a emotional mess! Love them too much ❤️

8:01pm Dec 15 2014 —

RT @JEDANGEL: With @planetjedward today in Leitrim❤️

7:59pm Dec 15 2014 —

RT @Gerri4Jedward: @planetjedward Thank you for today! It was so good! Thanks John for being amazing and so sweet!

7:59pm Dec 15 2014 —

RT @Jedhugs4Sue: @MommaJedward really handy that i live in Enniscorthy, cant wait for Tuesday

4:39pm Dec 11 2014 —

RT @niamhgartland: @MommaJedward the twins will put on a great show no matter where it is they always put on an awesome show

4:39pm Dec 11 2014 —

RT @MiryJed: @MommaJedward that’s amazing a fantastic Christmas present! <3 Jedward are always the best on the stage

4:38pm Dec 11 2014 —

RT @Kirluvjed: @MommaJedward Got pals flyin in from de UK over de wknd & stayin with me 4 de gigs Mon & Tuesday. Can’t wait 2 see them & de…

4:38pm Dec 11 2014 —

RT @AmyGrimesSuxx: @MommaJedward it’s the best way to spend the holidays is seeing my beautiful heroes @planetjedward on the 17th in Tullam…

4:37pm Dec 11 2014 —

RT @TheGrimesTwins3: @MommaJedward What a good way to start for the Jedmas Holidays everyone seems so excited bet the boys are too feeling …

4:37pm Dec 11 2014 —

This is the 1st time Jedward have offered VIP Intimate Concert Packages,
and the fact that it is Christmas season makes them special.

4:36pm Dec 11 2014 —

RT @Sabi288: @MommaJedward I’m looking forward to monday in Mohill! Can’t wait to Rock the Castle ☺️

4:28pm Dec 11 2014 —


4:27pm Dec 11 2014 —

RT @LisaHafey: @MommaJedward really looking forward to Wexford! Wish I could have come to them all!

4:26pm Dec 11 2014 —

RT @sarahswan92: @MommaJedward Can’t wait me and @ashley91b will be there in Ennicorthy on Tuesday!!

4:26pm Dec 11 2014 —

RT @PatriciaAdelaid: @MommaJedward We are so happy to come to such intimate concerts so special and magical just ready for Jedmas 🎄🎄

4:25pm Dec 11 2014 —

RT @WhoAmI_ally: @MommaJedward It will be good festive fun and a good start to the Christmas holiday 🙂

4:20pm Dec 11 2014 —

YES ALL VIP Jedward Intimate AFTERNOON CONCERT Packages are taking place on the 15th, 16th and 17th Dec as advertised on Ticketmaster.

4:19pm Dec 11 2014 —

5 Days to Jedward’s 1st VIP concert, Lough Rynn, Leitrim, Mon 15th Dec.

4:09pm Dec 11 2014 —

Jedward are presently choosing their songs for the 15th ,16th and 17th Dec.
It is 7 days to the 1st concert!

3:11pm Dec 8 2014 —

Yes, the night show in Tullamore 17th Dec. is no longer taking place, that is out of our control.

2:55pm Dec 8 2014 —

All our VIP Intimate concert packages in Mohill 15th Dec. Enniscorthy 16th Dec. and Tullamore 17th Dec. are all taking place as advertised.

2:53pm Dec 8 2014 —

RT @Suzyb90: @MommaJedward Aww I have all my Christmas shopping done! It’s my fave time of year 🎅🎄

2:25pm Dec 4 2014 —

RT @Julietannb: @MommaJedward I’m at a Christmas market in Bath! It’s very Christmassy! I’m looking forward to coming to Ireland for the Ch…

2:25pm Dec 4 2014 —