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RT @MeonEile: ‘Óró Sé Do Bheatha Abhaile’ a cheol ag @planetjedward agus @JohnSpillane09 ag seoladh sceideal úr @TG4TV…

11:08am Aug 31 2016 —

RT @RTE_Ents: .@planetjedward are on the hunt for an Irish Junior #Eurovision representative! @TG4TV

11:04am Aug 31 2016 —

RT @jedhead4everr: @MommaJedward it would be amazing to see John and Edward perform their own songs on XFactor. This has to happen!! 🙊

12:44pm Aug 29 2016 —

RT @Embootsi: @MommaJedward yeah, if they’ll perform, I hope they sing some of their own compositions like Good Vibes! 😚👌🏼

12:44pm Aug 29 2016 —

RT @Jemmalouisen: @MommaJedward only if the show treat them fairly now! And not make a joke of them. Let’s show the public what their about…

12:43pm Aug 29 2016 —

RT @Zenacoyle_x: @MommaJedward yes definetely! They need to bring them back to show everyone how incredible they actually are!

12:42pm Aug 29 2016 —

RT @Lisa_Jepic17: @MommaJedward x factor needs more john and edward!! Xx

12:42pm Aug 29 2016 —

RT @soxpatch: @MommaJedward well yes but only their own songs and not used as anything other than credible artist

12:42pm Aug 29 2016 —

RT @Kirluvjed: @MommaJedward Yeah with one of their own self-written songs 👍

12:41pm Aug 29 2016 —

RT @xHayleyls: @MommaJedward Of course, but only if they’re allowed to perform their own music

12:41pm Aug 29 2016 —

RT @partofnoworld: @MommaJedward as long as it’s one of their new and original songs like good vibes!

12:40pm Aug 29 2016 —

RT @usayJepic: @MommaJedward if they’re up for it and get to do it their way 🙂

12:40pm Aug 29 2016 —

RT @Jedicatedmollyx: @MommaJedward Only if the X Factor treat them with respect and actually let them show off who they really are!

12:39pm Aug 29 2016 —

RT @LisaHafey: @MommaJedward The show needs John & Edward, that much is sure, they certainly keep using them to promote it. But John & Edwa…

12:39pm Aug 29 2016 —

Jedward performing their own compositions in XFactor????

12:39pm Aug 29 2016 —

“A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.”
– John Lennon/Yoko Ono

10:27pm Aug 22 2016 —

RT @LisaHafey: @MommaJedward I love Make Your Own Luck! The video shows John & Edward’s comedic timing at its best! John & Margaret’s scene…

9:43pm Aug 22 2016 —

I was listening to Jedward’s “Make your own Luck” and remembered Jedward’s delight, when he agreed to take part.

9:40pm Aug 22 2016 —

@TaraReid @DailyMailCeleb “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. ” – Aesop
Tara, thank you for leading the way.

in reply to TaraReid — 9:16pm Aug 22 2016 —

♥Jedward Australia ♥ @JedJiggle Mar 28
In the end ………only Kindness matters, inspirational quote.

7:06pm Aug 22 2016 —

RT @JedJiggle: In the end ………

7:04pm Aug 22 2016 —

RT @StaceeyDineen: @MommaJedward the boys were so amazing at summer in the city this weekend, spending a total of 12 hours meeting fans! Su…

11:35am Aug 16 2016 —

RT @StephDrumm: @MommaJedward love it 🙂

11:34am Aug 16 2016 —

RT @MichelleAnsah: @MommaJedward definitely don’t let any barriers or boundaries stand in the way of what’s in your heart 💕

11:31am Aug 16 2016 —

RT @PhoebePhoebany: @MommaJedward Such lovely advice coming from a lovely lady 🙂 Life isn’t one clear path you have some bumps along the w…

11:31am Aug 16 2016 —

RT @usayJepic: @MommaJedward great advice! You never know what you might find on detours 💕

11:30am Aug 16 2016 —

Katie Taylor in everything you do, you do. #Ireland proud! You will still follow your dream. 🇮🇪

10:31am Aug 16 2016 —

If you really believe in what you’re doing, work hard, take nothing personally and if something blocks one route, find another.- L. Notaro

10:24am Aug 16 2016 —

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old but on building the new.” – Unknown

1:34pm Aug 13 2016 —

Great day for Irish Rowing. Congratulations to the O’Donovan brothers from Cork, on achieving silver medals at Olympics.

9:13pm Aug 12 2016 —