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RT @Sabi288: @MommaJedward Team Jedward rocked sunday! No matter if it was the airport or the festival! We all had a blast ✨…

11:01am Jul 26 2017 —

All the Posters and Banners, looked fabulous from stage. Edward and John loved them.

11:01am Jul 26 2017 —

RT @LuckyDipster: @MommaJedward I had such a brilliant day. Thank you for coming to Newcastle. ☺

10:58am Jul 26 2017 —

RT @JedPV: @MommaJedward I had amazing time! It was wonderful event and the twins totally rocked it! It was so lovely to see you all too! 😊❤

10:57am Jul 26 2017 —

RT @MichelleAnsah: @MommaJedward Had such an amazing day RoCking out with them & seeing them!! Loved it so much! Thank you for organising i…

10:57am Jul 26 2017 —

RT @Julietannb: @MommaJedward Me and @PatCashinPJ had a fantastic time. John and Edward put on a brilliant set! They definitely were the st…

10:57am Jul 26 2017 —

RT @jedhead4everr: @MommaJedward Love seeing the twins live! Always having the best time rocking out to all their songs 🙊❤️

10:56am Jul 26 2017 —

RT @worldmeetsgirl: @MommaJedward It was such a fantastic day and lovely to see everyone! Thank you for making it happen! 💖

10:55am Jul 26 2017 —

RT @kirstysjepic: @MommaJedward It was incredible we had the best day 🎉

10:55am Jul 26 2017 —

RT @JaneCSweeney: @MommaJedward They were so good! Everyone around us loved them! It was great for us being a family event and having Rosie…

10:55am Jul 26 2017 —

RT @MichelleAnsah: @MommaJedward Had such amazing day!So proud of John & Edward!We were near back & nonfans were really RoCking to their mu…

10:54am Jul 26 2017 —

RT @HayleyMahoneyx: @MommaJedward it was so much fun, we had a great time 🙂

10:54am Jul 26 2017 —

RT @Tam_Jedward: Thank you so much @planetjedward for making @Jepic_GoodVibez day , yous were amazing and so glad we got to meet you both…

10:52am Jul 26 2017 —

RT @chloeaston9: Finally saw jedward yesterday! @MommaJedward @planetjedward

10:52am Jul 26 2017 —

RT @DebbiesDuck: seeing a great positive response from your show yesterday. Love these pictures of John! @planetjedward @mommajedward @Worl…

10:51am Jul 26 2017 —

Delighted that all Jedward fans, had a great day at Southshields Tyneside on Sunday 23rd July. Wow, 12,000 people attended the festival

10:50am Jul 26 2017 —

Grace, hope you have a great time and that you meet many other fans, there.

1:13pm Jul 22 2017 —

Speedy recovery.

12:59pm Jul 22 2017 —

Hope you have a great time.

12:58pm Jul 22 2017 —

Ha, ha…very good.

12:57pm Jul 22 2017 —

Hopefully the Sun will peep out from the clouds.

12:56pm Jul 22 2017 —

Jedward like good wishes from all their fans

12:53pm Jul 22 2017 —

RT @Xamyjedward26XX: @MommaJedward I’m so excited I’m up in the early hours to travel but it’s always so worth it seeing the lads do what t…

12:52pm Jul 22 2017 —

Looking great.

12:50pm Jul 22 2017 —


12:44pm Jul 22 2017 —

RT @kirstysjepic: @MommaJedward I can’t waittttt 💃🏻🎉

12:40pm Jul 22 2017 —

RT @taraaobrienx: @MommaJedward We’re looking forward to seeing them too 👏🏼👏🏼

12:39pm Jul 22 2017 —

Should be a great day.

12:38pm Jul 22 2017 —

RT @Julietannb: @MommaJedward I’m really excited to see them on stage again 🎶💕

12:38pm Jul 22 2017 —

Safe Journey.

12:38pm Jul 22 2017 —