Tweet Archive for October 2017

RT @Lauraarh: @MommaJedward Team jedward forever 🙂

7:42pm Oct 25 2017 —

RT @lauraJEDsmiley: @MommaJedward John and Ed are the sweetest. X

7:36pm Oct 25 2017 —

RT @_LittleDaisy_: @MommaJedward Yes ofc! Can’t wait to watch the next episode 😀

7:34pm Oct 25 2017 —

RT @StaceyyyyRoseee: @MommaJedward Always team jedward

7:31pm Oct 25 2017 —

I hope you had a fun time.

7:29pm Oct 25 2017 —

RT @TamW_Jepic67: @MommaJedward Yes was brilliant . John and Edward were amazing xx

7:27pm Oct 25 2017 —

RT @jedhead4everr: @MommaJedward Yes 🙊 the twins where as sweet and amazing as they always are 😊 can’t wait for next episode ❤️

7:26pm Oct 25 2017 —

The 7 Celebrities are getting on great together, which came across on screen, last night.

7:25pm Oct 25 2017 —

RT @Jemmalouisen: @MommaJedward I think the twins came across genuine and just like the John and Edward we all know and love

7:21pm Oct 25 2017 —

The fans, they met were lovely, like all Jedward fans.

7:19pm Oct 25 2017 —

Did everyone get to see “Single AF”?

7:17pm Oct 25 2017 —

RT @Xamyjedward26XX: @MommaJedward It’s so so do silly i hope they get it sorted soon I try and tweet Twitter support everyday

7:14pm Oct 25 2017 —

RT @MichelleAnsah: @MommaJedward Ahh hope they can sort it out soon Try to support them as much as I can always Twitter is so crazy 💕

7:14pm Oct 25 2017 —

RT @sabii_jedhead: @MommaJedward I hope they get it back really soon. I can’t understand this

7:13pm Oct 25 2017 —

RT @Julietannb: @MommaJedward Aww I’m always happy to support them, I hope they get it back soon, they didn’t deserve to lose it xx ❤️

7:13pm Oct 25 2017 —

RT @taraaobrienx: @MommaJedward We’ve always got their backs ☺️ Hopefully it all gets sorted soon!

7:12pm Oct 25 2017 —

RT @CraZyGirl_xx3: @MommaJedward it really is ridiculous – and not in a funny way 😡 … that account is career-important for them! fingers…

7:11pm Oct 25 2017 —

RT @usayJepic: @MommaJedward Hope they can get @planetjedward back in due time. Wish twitter would be that keen when it comes to suspending…

7:10pm Oct 25 2017 —

Thank you, for all your support to John and Edward, during their Twitter Blackout

7:02pm Oct 25 2017 —

Hi EVERYONE, long no time no tweet, due to unforeseen circumstances.

7:00pm Oct 25 2017 —