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RT @Kirrstyx3: @MommaJedward Awww we loves the bones off them and are so proud, whatever happens. ❤️ #ohhellno

9:07pm Jul 25 2015 —

9:01pm Jul 25 2015 —

RT @worldmeetsgirl: @MommaJedward 100 streams count as 1 sale. Sounds like a lot but not if everyone listens a few times. #OhHellNo http://…

9:01pm Jul 25 2015 —

Calling England #OhHellNo

8:58pm Jul 25 2015 —

Figimouse is after telling me that #OhHellno is trending in Ireland, he is very excited.

8:57pm Jul 25 2015 —

If #OhHellNo is gifted to you on iTunes, you must DOWNLOAD it for it to COUNT.

8:50pm Jul 25 2015 —

RT @Katharine_T: @MommaJedward it is available on sites other than iTunes tho, such as Amazon etc #OhHellNo

8:47pm Jul 25 2015 —

RT @kissmysushi: @MommaJedward ..of the amazingness of Jedward and #OhHellNo among Finnish people! We have # haihurrikaani not # sharknado3…

8:44pm Jul 25 2015 —

RT @sabii_jedhead: @MommaJedward I’m watching #Sharknado3 #OhHellNo I’m excited to see the German vision tomorrow as well…

8:40pm Jul 25 2015 —

Big thank you to all fans who are down loading #OhHellNo, to make it number 1 on Itunes

8:03pm Jul 25 2015 —

Ok, I know you watched it on Thursday but we want #OhHellNo to trend

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