Tweet Archive for June 2012

A bit of Momma advice….always think before giving out your personal information to unknown entities.

1:24pm Jun 25 2012 —

Surveys, questionaires and retail stores claiming to represent JEDWARD must be authenticated by the boys or myself.

1:09pm Jun 25 2012 —

Astroplus are sending out twits about a proposed Jedward Newsletter. They are NOT AN OFFICIAL NEWSLETTER FOR JEDWARD…..Warning!

12:54pm Jun 25 2012 —

Irish fans…. you are a great team…Young Love is going strong on itunes.

12:13pm Jun 25 2012 —

A massive welcome to the fans from Singapore……hope you loved the Marquee.

11:43am Jun 25 2012 —

I was at the Marquee in Cork last night…… about 4,500 people in attendance….the vibe was electric!

11:37am Jun 25 2012 —

Album No 2 in HMV chart list in UK ….. Thank you…….boys will be jumping up and down for the day.

11:31am Jun 25 2012 —

Loved the moment when the stadium was flooded with luminous light from the thousands of mobile phones during Westlife song.

11:25am Jun 25 2012 —

Saturday in Croke Park…..Wonderful night…..lasting memories of Westlife.

11:20am Jun 25 2012 —

We all have moments when we get annoyed … about it….and then move on from it….there is no future in the past.

11:43am Jun 23 2012 —

Tonight I will be in the standing area ..

11:39am Jun 23 2012 —

Please come up and say Hello, if you see me……

11:32am Jun 23 2012 —

BOYFRIEND was a surprise…..

11:22am Jun 23 2012 —

Jedward are appearing at 6pm approx. tonight…..

11:14am Jun 23 2012 —

Morning all…… Jedward did their THING in Croke Park last night….

11:13am Jun 23 2012 —

Boys are going stage very soon

4:58pm Jun 22 2012 —

Although many of the boys fans cannot be here……. they are still thinking of you…..

4:57pm Jun 22 2012 —

Boys will be looking out for all the posters

4:52pm Jun 22 2012 —

Boys could not sleep last night…….thinking of launch of third album YOUNG LOVE….and Croke Park.

4:47pm Jun 22 2012 —

The atmosphere here in Croke Park, Dublin, Ireland, is electric….everyone is ignoring the rain and wind….it is going to be a great night

4:42pm Jun 22 2012 —

lLets trend #JedwardCrokePark

4:37pm Jun 22 2012 —

It is fantastic that Young Love on u tube has nearly had 2 and a half million hits… exciting!

4:35pm Jun 22 2012 —

Hello everyone………Thank you for all your support to the boys during the week.

4:29pm Jun 22 2012 —

O my God have you heard of these guys called “Jedward”…

8:45pm Jun 20 2012 —

Radio stations to contact about young love mission on let’s go

8:36pm Jun 20 2012 —

Of course, they are always happy to see all their fans… we must give everyone the chance to get a photo with them, at some point.

7:10pm Jun 18 2012 —

I miss Euro and Vision…. they are adorable….I hope they have settled well in their new home in Baku.

7:04pm Jun 18 2012 —

I wonder what the boys are excited about?…..

7:01pm Jun 18 2012 —

Just noticed, that Sloth is a cutie…..his hair is quite similar to the boys…..

6:59pm Jun 18 2012 —

Thank you Norway……

5:03pm Jun 18 2012 —