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RT @JEDWARDEUROPEDK: @MommaJedward yay! me and @StineakaStine bought tickets yesterday for the 16th and 17th so we’ll fly over from Denmark…

5:11pm Nov 26 2014 —

RT @PatriciaAdelaid: @MommaJedward I am coming to Tullamore, I can’t wait it’s going to be really awesome and special

5:11pm Nov 26 2014 —

RT @AmyGrimesSuxx: @MommaJedward EXCITED!! I’m coming to the VIP Tullamore Wish I could go to them all. CANT WAIT thank you for this😍❤️✨ ht…

5:09pm Nov 26 2014 —

RT @InnocentAnniina: Coming from Finland to see the twins (once again) on the 17th in Tullamore @MommaJedward my favorite thing ever o/ ht…

5:08pm Nov 26 2014 —

RT @Gerri4Jedward: @MommaJedward Got my tickets! It’s gonna be a lot of fun leading up to Christmas! Thank you! 🙂

4:57pm Nov 26 2014 —

RT @Xamyjedward26XX: @MommaJedward it really is&the song and the boys deserve the best recognition because they work so hard they should be…

2:24pm Nov 26 2014 —

RT @HayleyMahoneyx: @MommaJedward we will always be here for them 😊

2:24pm Nov 26 2014 —

Edward & John are looking at their 3 Albums re. intimate concert packages for 15th,16th,17th Dec What songs would you like them to sing?

2:22pm Nov 26 2014 —

FORGET about the HATERS and BEGRUDERS. You the FANS love them and fully appreciate the obstacles they have overcome in the Music Business.

2:17pm Nov 26 2014 —

RT @Carrie_JedFanx: @MommaJedward John & Edward are not respected enough & It’s very sad & Frustrating to see this Happen :(x

2:12pm Nov 26 2014 —

RT @niamhgartland: @MommaJedward yes they are great songs from great people

2:11pm Nov 26 2014 —

RT @KittySpitfire: @MommaJedward they really do. Ferocious speaks to me about standing up to those who try to put us down. Keeping the fait…

2:11pm Nov 26 2014 —

The messages in Jedward’s new songs ‘Ferocious” and ‘Free Spirit” which are so relevant today’s society, need to be heard and shared.

2:09pm Nov 26 2014 —

Let us not forget about “Free Spirit” it needs to be on radio. Many people have said to me that the video is so beautiful and tranquil.

2:04pm Nov 26 2014 —

Thank you for update re radio plays. “Ferocious” deserves to hit the charts again, it is an awe inspiring song and video is terrific.

1:59pm Nov 26 2014 —

#HappyInternationalJedwardDay Is this trending? It would be great if fans could make this happen!

1:58pm Nov 26 2014 —

Ok, I see.

1:52pm Nov 26 2014 —

RT @lauramorris1983: @MommaJedward we can’t dm you as you don’t follow us! X

1:51pm Nov 26 2014 —

RT @mirrorhands: @MommaJedward Young Love was a gold IIRC, and the other two were double platinum

1:50pm Nov 26 2014 —

English fans, I hope you like Ferocious. Please ask DJs to play it. DM me re. DJs who are playing it.

1:48pm Nov 26 2014 —

Where is Ferocious? Please start asking Djs all over Ireland to play it. please dm me with updates on Djs who are playing it.

1:47pm Nov 26 2014 —

Memories…Planetjedward Album 2010 Mutiplatinum Victory Album 2011 Multiplatinum Young Love 2012 Platinum

1:44pm Nov 26 2014 —

#HappyInternationalJedwardDay What a thoughtful and touching tribute to Jedward from all fans.

1:37pm Nov 26 2014 —

The VIP Afternoon intimate Concert package 15th, 16th 17th Dec. are Intimate Events, Tickets are limited…

1:35pm Nov 26 2014 —

Edward has fully recovered from his bug and John did not catch it.

1:29pm Nov 26 2014 —

Thankfully John has not caught the bug, yet.

2:38pm Nov 24 2014 —

This video brought a smile to Ed, hope it makes other people feel better.…

2:37pm Nov 24 2014 —

Poor Ed very sick since Saturday with stomach bug….. seems to be going around.

2:31pm Nov 24 2014 —

RT @planetjedward: Cannot wait to see you all in 3 weeks time at Jedward VIP Intimate Concert Packages 15th, 16th, 17th DEC…

2:24pm Nov 24 2014 —

Lough Rynn Castle (00353) 719632700 Riverside Park Hotel Enniscorthy (00353)539237800 Tullamore Court Hotel (00353) 579346666

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