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Birds seem to love Jedward…….

10:13pm Jul 24 2016 —

RT @planetjedward: #ThrowbackThursday to when Calvin Harris and Jedward rocked the stage together! @CalvinHarris The Best Cameo Ever! https…

10:09pm Jul 24 2016 —

RT @SummerInTheCity: .@planetjedward will be joining us at #SitC2016 with a Sunday meet and Greet! TICKETS: https:/…

10:08pm Jul 24 2016 —

Hope everyone has a lovely Sunday…

1:46pm Jul 17 2016 —

RT @rihanna: Join me and the @weareheremvmt in demanding change. Sign the petition to make your voice heard: #23Ways

1:30pm Jul 17 2016 —

RT @MiryJed: @MommaJedward I always need to listen good vibes because that song is so inspirational and makes me Smile 💖

1:25pm Jul 17 2016 —

RT @LisaHafey: @MommaJedward I like to feel that ‘Good Vibes’ inspires me to “defy gravity” and that I can do whatever I set out to do, if…

1:25pm Jul 17 2016 —

RT @amyjjj0000: @MommaJedward Jedward are My Life, I will always spread those Good Vibes, They Help us all so much with their talents, thei…

1:25pm Jul 17 2016 —

RT @TheNathiJEDWARD: @MommaJedward I made a cover with some meet and greet and tour memories 🙂 You gotta love Good Vibes!…

1:23pm Jul 17 2016 —

RT @dolphinsrcool2: @MommaJedward true words spoken by talented singers/songwriters/producers and editors who share their gift with us than…

1:18pm Jul 17 2016 —

RT @Gerri4Jedward: @MommaJedward spreading the Good Vibes wherever I go @planetjedward

1:17pm Jul 17 2016 —

RT @JedsCorkBoy: @MommaJedward like it so much I got it tattooed

1:16pm Jul 17 2016 —

RT @lauraJEDsmiley: @planetjedward @MommaJedward I made a piano cover of Good Vibes if you want to check it out 🙂

1:14pm Jul 17 2016 —

The World needs “Good Vibes” for solitude, a rainbow of colour, a safe haven, a symbol of hope where troubles disappear.

1:12pm Jul 17 2016 —

Jedward got a new single called “Good Vibes” DOWNLOAD from itunes now.This song was created to inspire and bring good energy to everyone.

1:02pm Jul 17 2016 —

RT @bethany_alicia: @MommaJedward we need t cherish what we have/the wonder of life bc things can change in just a few precious seconds htt…

1:22pm Jul 15 2016 —

RT @MichelleAnsah: @MommaJedward it truly is horrific & who knows how you can recover Standing by each other supporting each other & prayin…

1:21pm Jul 15 2016 —

RT @Julietannb: @MommaJedward it’s always been my dream that we would all come together as one race, instead of always fighting each other…

1:21pm Jul 15 2016 —

RT @usayJepic: @MommaJedward it’s on world leaders to stop the madness and we should all do what we can to make this world a little warmer…

1:21pm Jul 15 2016 —

RT @GemmaTweddell: Yes people should stick together, look out for each other and love each other xxxxx 💖 @MommaJedward

1:21pm Jul 15 2016 —

RT @Jedicatedmollyx: @MommaJedward This truly is a horrific disaster but love will always conquer all and we will prevail in the end ❤️❤️

1:19pm Jul 15 2016 —


1:13pm Jul 15 2016 —

World Leaders please come together and stop this madness, life is so precious and fleeting.

12:27pm Jul 15 2016 —

All of our thoughts are with the people of Nice, a huge Family Celebration ending in slaughter. How does one recover ?

12:16pm Jul 15 2016 —

Life is short, we make the journey once. Let us make the most of it, have fun but be responsible and caring.

12:10pm Jul 15 2016 —