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Yes….. we are heading to Newry….just love the accents up North…

7:59pm Sep 5 2012 —

RT @Dawnnxo: @MommaJedward have you any official news on the boys playing a gig in Newry on the 30th September ?

7:58pm Sep 5 2012 —

The Jedpower wristbands can be ordered from any part of the world at….it will arrive by post

7:54pm Sep 5 2012 —

RT @KISSmySUSHI: @MommaJedward I might order the green Wednesday Jedpower wristband because my fave colour is green and I was born on We …

7:47pm Sep 5 2012 —

RT @planetmummel: @MommaJedward The recent vids on JedwardTV prove their musical as well as their comedic and acting talent. Jake and Er …

7:46pm Sep 5 2012 —

RT @JohnGrimesJG: @MommaJedward Can I get a RT? I love the twins more then anything and they always make me smile! :’) It would mean alot!

7:45pm Sep 5 2012 —

I think the Luminous video is going to be great……

7:43pm Sep 5 2012 —

RT @jedwardjess: @MommaJedward theres countless things that John&Edward have done for ALL their fans!They stay on YouTube& twitt …

7:39pm Sep 5 2012 —

RT @DebbiesDuck: @MommaJedward older fans love Jedward too, please tell Louis they are NOT just a kids act! We love Jedward TV and their …

7:37pm Sep 5 2012 —

RT @wendyjedward: @MommaJedward they have done everything, xfactor, Let loose, Eurovision, Big Brother, Celebrity Wedding planner, Big A …

7:35pm Sep 5 2012 —

RT @lauramorris1983: @MommaJedward we need another tour soon. That’s what I live for! Touring is the best ever! Have been to so many pla …

7:33pm Sep 5 2012 —

RT @MissCassyGrimes: @Mommajedward i get your tweets sent to my phone im happy everytime you tweet

7:29pm Sep 5 2012 —

RT @shaunajedward_x: @mommajedward showed my friends johns cover of hall of fame and they all love it!

7:28pm Sep 5 2012 —

RT @Jenwardx: @MommaJedward J&E know how to make me smile when I’m having an ‘Off day’ they have such positive energy, I’m proud the …

7:28pm Sep 5 2012 —

RT @Planet_Rach: @MommaJedward EDWARD NEEDS TO DO A SOLO!

7:27pm Sep 5 2012 —

RT @Sabi288: @mommajedward Love my Powerbands! Saturday & sunday are my fave days & purple & red are my fave colours! http: …

7:21pm Sep 5 2012 —

RT @mirrorhands: @MommaJedward A Jedward special is starting in this Spanish radio station in 40 minutes!!!…

7:19pm Sep 5 2012 —

RT @BaniiK9: @mommajedward which we love to watch :’D my Mom was in Tazania without internet a month so we spent hours catching up on Je …

7:17pm Sep 5 2012 —

The multi-coloured Jedward official jedpower wristband might suit Xander……..

7:13pm Sep 5 2012 —

RT @xAmandaFx: @MommaJedward Haha they are hilarious 😉

7:09pm Sep 5 2012 —

Who loves Jake and Eric on Jedward TV?

7:07pm Sep 5 2012 —

My week was very relaxing…..boys have had time to chill out …..and make videos

7:06pm Sep 5 2012 —

RT @Silver_Chord: @MommaJedward Young Love is now in playlist of ukrainian radio,please tell the boys about that xxx We tried really har …

6:59pm Sep 5 2012 —

RT @SarahsJeartbeat: @MommaJedward My mom wants a pink JedPower Band and she loves the song Lipstick. I’ve turned her into a Jedhead 🙂 …

6:54pm Sep 5 2012 —

RT @GreekJedhead: @MommaJedward One of @planetjedward ‘s songs ,Luminous, was played in our Greek Radi Station !! Greek Fans are excited …

6:45pm Sep 5 2012 —

RT @Xamyjedward26XX: This survey for @planetjedward ‘s mag still needs completing @JedOfficialMag @MommaJedward we …

6:44pm Sep 5 2012 —

RT @Xamyjedward26XX: JEDPOWER bands available at @planetjedward ‘s first product show the support 🙂 @MommaJedward

6:43pm Sep 5 2012 —

RT @melli_b87: @MommaJedward I’ve been wrapping up my Master’s thesis, gotta hand it in next week. Stressing out majorly, but J&E’s …

6:42pm Sep 5 2012 —

RT @Julietannb: @MommaJedward BTW my DR’s at transplant clinic admired my Jedband and said the call A thing was a great idea for people …

6:41pm Sep 5 2012 —

Hi everyone…..hope you had a good week

6:32pm Sep 5 2012 —