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RT @amyjjj0000: @MommaJedward Hey Susanna! And welcome all new members of #TeamJedward xx

11:31pm Feb 20 2017 —

RT @MichelleAnsah: @MommaJedward #TeamJedward will do this!!!! Anything your heart is in can be done ❤️

7:21pm Feb 2 2017 —

RT @PatriciaAdelaid: @MommaJedward #TeamJedward forever #JedwardToWin let’s do this!

10:46pm Jan 31 2017 —

RT @bestplayedloud: @MommaJedward Absolutely! We need to make sure we are not led into a false sense of security, but #TeamJedward will go…

12:30am Jan 31 2017 —

RT @mikegosullivan: @MommaJedward John & Edward are doing amazing, wish I had their constraint they’re inspiring!! #CBBJedward #TEAMJEDWARD

12:13pm Jan 29 2017 —

RT @MichelleAnsah: @MommaJedward Voting #JedwardToWin #TeamJedward to save them from those poisonous spiders 💕

11:32pm Jan 28 2017 —

RT @worldmeetsgirl: @MommaJedward #TeamJedward is.definitely with them. Being ferocious, spreading good vibes and hitting redial on that te…

11:01pm Jan 26 2017 —

RT @OMGItsHelen86: @MommaJedward
Everyone Pick Up Your Phone Vote And Save @planetjedward 📞👱🏻 📞👱🏻
Come On #TeamJedward We Can Do This 😁👊🏼…

10:59pm Jan 26 2017 —

RT @TheGrimesTwins3: @MommaJedward Oh hell yes we can do this forever #TeamJedward they deserve this ❤️

10:56pm Jan 26 2017 —

RT @roadrunner1904: … marching on, marching on, like warriors tonight! 💪 #TeamJedward is going strong! =:) =:) #SaveJedward VOTE VOTE VOT…

10:56pm Jan 26 2017 —

RT @#TeamJedward ★”>usayJepic: Everybody on #TeamJedward is behind John and Edward, helping as much as possible @MommaJedward ✌️

10:51pm Jan 26 2017 —

RT @MichelleAnsah: @MommaJedward 📞📞📞📞📞📞 #TeamJedward to Save The Day!!!! 💕💕

8:47pm Jan 24 2017 —

RT @planetjedward: #TeamJedward you are on a mission too, save Jedward from eviction this week in #CBB #CBBJedward

9:30pm Jan 20 2017 —

RT @mikegosullivan: .@MommaJedward would love a new book on positivity ‘Jed Words’ by Jedward 🙂 #CBBJedward #teamjedward

9:29pm Jan 19 2017 —

10:10pm Jan 17 2017 —

RT @Lisa_Jepic17: @MommaJedward im so happy for them omg #TeamJedward really is the best! We are always behind the boys 💜 xxxx

10:08pm Jan 17 2017 —

RT @roadrunner1904: @MommaJedward love, jedication, kindness & fun always wins in the end!! ❤️ #TeamJedward

10:07pm Jan 17 2017 —

10:06pm Jan 17 2017 —

RT @#TeamJedward ★”>usayJepic: so glad #TeamJedward did it once again @MommaJedward 💕

10:04pm Jan 17 2017 —

RT @Lisa_Jepic17: @MommaJedward I agree 100%! #TeamJedward are the best 😊❤ xo

9:55pm Jan 10 2017 —

RT @MissDaniJHarmer: Good luck boys @planetjedward you’re my winners already!!! #TEAMJEDWARD ✌🏻xxx

6:57pm Jan 9 2017 —

RT @amyjjj0000: #CBBJedward #JedwardOXYGEN #TEAMJEDWARD @MommaJedward @planetjedward I LOVE SEEING YOU ON TV ON MY BIRTHDAY, WHAT A JEPIC E…

9:42pm Jan 8 2017 —

RT @mikegosullivan: @MommaJedward that’s a brilliant idea!! Would love that #CBBJedward #TEAMJEDWARD

9:27pm Jan 8 2017 —

RT @mikegosullivan: @MommaJedward amazing! You must be very proud, the fans are thrilled. Taking over social media #CBBJedward #TEAMJEDWARD

11:59pm Jan 6 2017 —

RT @JedEurovision: Some cool promoting by fans in Leicester today! @planetjedward @MommaJedward #TeamJedward Well done @LeicesterPromo htt…

12:30pm Aug 26 2013 —

RT @JepicFan: @MommaJedward VOTE for JEDWARD to WIN Best Music Group/Duo from @teen! #TeamJedward…

5:17pm May 31 2013 —